High Performance

Intima’s range of brake pads deliver safe, dependable and strong braking performance as proven in real world street and motorsport applications.

Say goodbye to the all too common issues of poor initial bite, brake fade and inconsistent feel when using our range of pads.

Low Wear

Intima’s unique compound material results in long term durability for not just our pads, but also on your rotors.

Less trips you make to the mechanic the better.

Exceptional Value

We understand that regularly replacing brake pads can get costly especially when the track is involved.
This is why Intima’s brake pad range is well priced against the competition in every application.
Why fork out your hard earnt money just for a big label with equivalent performance?

Low Dust

Your time is valuable so don’t waste your weekends scrubbing your wheels and getting dirty.

Intima’s brake pad range all have low dust characteristics.

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  • 2018 – Packaging Updates

    The Intima brake pad packaging design boxes have now been updated after ten years and are slowly filtering out to all of our resellers. All three compounds are now easily […]

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  • The Intima Honda Civic EP3 Type R in 2017

    2017 has been a very busy year for the Intima Brakes Honda Civic EP3 Type R. With simple bolt on engine modifications, coilover suspension and Intima brake pads, each visit […]

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  • Good news for MY15+ WRX and Levorg owners

    Not only is the new MY15+ model WRX and Levorg a huge step ahead from the previous model WRX’s in terms of performance, comfort and style, the most important update […]

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