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Established by Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. more than two decades ago, the Intima brand has forged its name to be well trusted and recognised through ongoing excellence in quality and performance.

Available in all markets around the globe, Intima brake pads and accessories can be found in vehicles of all different shape and sizes. Whether straight out of the factory as an OEM application or as an aftermarket performance alternative, Intima’s presence in the automotive industry continues to grow.

Australasia has been fortunate to have the array of Intima brake pads since 2008, whereby during that time we have become the recommended choice in braking for anything between everyday driving to competitive motorsport.

There is no question about the importance brake pads have in the overall safety of a vehicle. This is why every compound formula has undergone extensive research and development ensuring there is a product that is optimal for you.

Every pad rolled off the in house production line undergoes stringent testing with meticulous attention to detail resulting in consistent high quality products.

The machines we use for testing like the Dynamometer, chase, strength and hardness machines are all cutting edge.

Our dedication to quality control is reflected in our ISO/TS16949, ISO14001, E-Mark and AMECA accreditations.

Intima Brakes Pty. Ltd. is the appointed sole distributor for Australia and New Zealand and we work closely with the manufacturer Taiwan Brake Technology Corp. to provide only the best for you and your vehicle.

Our long term commitment to the Australian/NZ market is unprecedented.

Locally started and grown down under, Intima brake pads are the future for truly affordable performance brake pads.

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